1. How much does professional filming cost?

The film industry is hugely diverse as are our customer requirements. Each film shoot is different in terms of its scale and needs. Some are very simple where all you need is a single camera op with a ‘run & gun’ setup, whereas some projects will need a stadium with hundreds of extras, helicopters and speedboats!

We recommend that you contact us by email or phone if you are considering a film project and we can take it from there.

2. What do you offer?

We offer a full range of film services from inception to distribution. We create ultra high definition films using high quality professional camera, lighting and sound equipment.

We can work with you from very early on coming up with storyboards and film locations. We can source actors, extras, industry quality props, drones, vehicles, boats or anything else you may need for your shoot.

Alternatively, if it’s a very simple shoot we’ll just pitch up with a camera and capture what you need.

3. What sort of projects do you work on?

We love the variety of the film world. We work on all sorts of different projects to tell all sorts of different stories.

We mainly work on either corporate film projects (branding, website films, viral content, launching of new products and services, training films) or on private client films such as weddings, events and music videos. However, if you don’t fit in to these general categories, don’t worry, we love working on more diverse projects too.

4. Do I have to know what I want or can you help come up with the story?

If you don’t feel very creative or are struggling to work out what sort of film you want, we can usually work out something you love within the first few emails or chats. We can then develop this into a full storyboard that you are excited about, prior to commencing the filming.

5. Where do I find out more?

Just head to our contact page and give us a shout by email or phone. We are happy to chat to you about your requirements.